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Summer Development / Competitive Soccer

Open to a more competitive talent level.

We are excited to get back to a normal looking Outdoor 2022 Development/Competitive season.  Please see details on each age group below.  Only players who have attended indoors for an ID or Tryout session and have been approved to sign up with the team are to register for the below divisions.  Email [email protected] with any questions you may have. 

Register Online under “Comp Dev”

Information About All Programs – Choose the correct age group to find all relevant information.

Year of Birth: 2014-2015

Coach: Diego & Federico

Practice Night: Tuesdays- 6pm- (June 7- Sept 6)- GS Gaston Park- Field M3

Price: $55

*This is a step above recreational, giving players their first experience with Competitive soccer & a dedicated practice each week.  Players must play in the Recreational league with us.  The team will attend some Festivals on weekends throughout the summer.  Dates TBD & they are not mandatory to attend. 

Year of Birth: 2012-2011

Coach: Phil & TBD

Practice Nights: Tuesday- 7pm & Sunday- 6pm- GS Gaston #1

Game Schedule:  Click Here

Price: $380

Year of Birth: 2012-2013

Coach: Kim Power

Practice Night: Wednesday- 5-6:30pm & Sunday- 6pm- GS Gaston #1

Game Schedule:  Click Here

Price: $380

Year of Birth: 2010-2011

Coach: Jessica

Practice Night: Monday (GS Gaston B) & Wednesday- 7pm (GS Gaston #1)  

Game Schedule:  Click Here  

Price: $380

Year of Birth: 2010-2011

Coach: Neil Nicholson

Practice Night: Monday- 6pm & Sunday- 7pm- GS Gaston #1

Game Schedule:  Click Here

Price: $380

 Year of Birth: 2009

Coach: Scott Jarvis

Practice Night: Monday (GS Gaston #2) & Thursday (Mel Mitchell 1)- 7pm & Sunday (GS Gaston #2)- 6pm

Game Schedule:  Click here

Price: $535

Year of Birth: 2009

Coach: Kim Power

Practice Night: Monday & Thursday- 7pm (GS Gaston #1)

Game Schedule:  Click here

Price: $400

Year of Birth: 2008

Coach: Bob Bergin

Practice Night: Monday & Wednesday 7pm (GS Gaston #4)

Game Schedule:  Click Here   

Price: $400

Year of Birth: 2005-2006

Coach: Rick Pehlemann

Practice Night: Tuesday & Thursday- 7pm (GS Gaston #4)

Game Schedules:  Click Here

Price: $400

– PHOTO DAY- June 12- Tottenham Community Centre

– We hope to get outdoors on the fields starting Monday May 16th (pending weather & the town opening fields)

– Volunteers Needed!  Contact the club for more details and to sign up to help out. 

– Exact playing locations will be confirmed before start dates below.

– Practice and Game nights can switch according to field availability and League Scheduling.         

Registration is encouraged to be done online.  * We also accept etransfer to [email protected]