• These Rules and Regulations govern teams that have been authorized for play by the Club’s Board of Directors.
• Teams shall be subject to the policies outlined in the Club’s By-Laws as well as these Rules and Regulations.
• The objective of the Club is to enter at minimum one team in each age division of a competitive or development league commencing at U9 for boys and girls. If warranted the Club may elect to enter a second team in an age division of a competitive or development league.
• Where there are any omissions from this document, Ontario Soccer policies will apply.


1. All players and team officials (where applicable) will be required to have and wear Club issued uniforms as detailed in items 2 and 3 below, as per the contracted arrangement with the Club’s supplier. No deviations can be made to this regulation without the approval of the Board of Directors.
2. Team issued kits will consist of two complete strips (jerseys, shorts & socks), training jersey, and practice ball.
3. No additional apparel and equipment may be purchased without the prior authorization of the Club.


1. A selection committee consisting of the Technical Director, designated Directors and appointed designates shall choose the Team Head Coach for each team.
2. By August 15th of each season, the Club shall request formal applications from persons wishing to be a Team Head Coach for the following season. Applications for coaching must be received by the Club Office by August 25th of the current season.
3. The Selection Committee shall interview and select the person that in their opinion is best suited for the position of Team Head Coach.  Part of the selection process for U12 and below ages, at the discretion of the selection committee, the candidate may be required to deliver a training session to assess competency.  The assessment will be done by a qualified individual using Ontario Soccer standards.  If the candidate(s) does not meet the standard to coach the team, at the discretion of the selection committee, the position can be left vacant.  If this is the case, an active recruitment will take place.  The selection of the Team Head Coach shall be completed by September 15th with the successful candidate being informed prior to the commencement of the fall player tryouts for the following season.
4. The coaching staff from each team shall consist of a maximum of 4 people: Team Head Coach, Manager and two Assistant Coaches with the proper qualifications as per Rule V below or two Assistant Managers neither of whom may assume the duties of the Team Manager. Note that the OSA currently does not recognize the position of Team Trainer. The responsibilities for these positions are listed below. No one person shall assume the duties of two of these positions.
5. Any individual who is selected as the Team Head Coach should not be the Team Head Coach of any other Club team.  If an individual wishes to coach more than one team, the request must be put in writing and submitted with the coaching application.  The letter must consist of an explanation on benefits to the players and a copy of the candidate’s schedule so training and games are not missed for either team.  If the candidate’s request is granted and it is deemed that the training sessions and games are being missed, the selection committee can remove one or both of the teams from the candidate.
6. Coaching selections made by the Selection Committee are final.
7. Team Head Coaches are expected to regularly attend training and information sessions presented by the Club throughout the year and follow the Club’s coaching, training and playing philosophy.


1. All Team Head Coaches must have the required coaching certification for the age group they are assigned to and any additional qualifications required by the league of play.
2. The Technical Director or appointed designate shall help coordinate formal certification for the Team Head Coaches.  All costs to obtain said certification should be initially borne by the Coach. Upon successful completion of the course, the Club will reimburse the Head Coach for 100% of the cost of their training program subject to prior Club approval.


Team Head Coaches shall be responsible for:
1. The selection of all players on the team.
2. Development and leading team practices.
3. On-field decisions during a game.
4. Selection of Assistant Coaches and Managers.
5. Development of team objectives to be communicated to players and parents prior to the commencement of the season.
6. Selection of their COMPLETE Team Roster by no later than March 15th of the upcoming season.


1. All Team Assistant Coaches shall have the required coaching certification for the age group they are working with and any additional qualifications required by the league of play.
2. The Technical Director or appointed designate shall help coordinate formal certification for Assistant Coaches. All costs to obtain said certification should be initially borne by the Assistant Coach. Upon successful completion of the course, the Club will reimburse the coach for 100% of the cost of the training course subject to prior Club approval.


1. Assistant Coaches shall be responsible for various duties that have been delegated by the Team Head Coach.
2. The Assistant Coach must be capable of performing the duties of the Team Head Coach, if required, at a practice or game.


1. Team Managers are not required to have a Coaching certificate, but they must be registered with the league/Ontaro Soccer in which their team participates.


Team Managers shall be responsible for:
1. All financial matters including the administration of the Team Bank Account (See Rule XIV).
2. Ensuring all players register and pay the Development/Competitive Fees in the club’s registration system (See Rule XVII).
3. Applying to Club Administrator for permission to host and attend any and all tournaments/festivals and exhibition games.
4. Providing the Club with information to order equipment and uniforms. During the season the Manager is responsible for the care of equipment belonging to the Club, as outlined and signed for on the Equipment List, and must return all said equipment to the Club at the end of each season.
5. The proper administration of all fund raising activities (See Article XVI).
6. Overseeing corporate sponsorships and/or donations for the team (See Article XV).
7. Communications to the team players and parents regarding all issues concerning the Team including the Team Bank Account. Copies of any such communication must be sent to the Club Office and the Club Head Coach.
8. Entering teams in tournaments/festivals subject to Club approval.
9. Ensuring that all players complete an Emergency Contact List which will be provided by the Club Office. The Manager will provide the Club Office with a completed list and will ensure that a copy of this list is brought to each game or practice.
10. Ensuring that all players and coaching staff on their roster have a properly authorized Registrant Card authorized by the OS. It is the responsibility of the Manager to coordinate the authorization of the OS Registrant Card and roster through the Club Office. The Manager must ensure that the authorized OS Registrant Cards for all players and coaching staff are taken to each game and tournament as they may be required to present these cards to the appropriate representative. (This is only needed if the league/tournament/festival/exhibition game the team is participating in requires them.)
11. Ensuring that all players and parent/guardians are aware that the By-Laws and Rules & Regulations of the Club are available on the Club’s website.
12. Submitting the final team rosters to the Club Office with a copy to the Club Head Coach by March 15th for the upcoming season.
13. Regularly attending Managers meetings called by the Club throughout the year.


1. Each team is required to carry a properly equipped first aid kit which shall be taken to each game and practice. Any person attending to any injured player during a game or practice must have qualified First Aid training.  One team official on each team should be First Aid Trained.


1. The conduct of Coaches and Managers shall be exemplary and in accordance with the Objectives of the Club as specified in the By-Laws.
2. Coaches and Managers shall ensure that all players, parents/guardians, and spectators associated with the team conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with the By-Laws of the Club, these Rules & Regulations, the Laws of the Game and the generally accepted norm of good sportsmanship.
3. Coaches and Managers shall not transport players nor shall he/she conduct a practice or game while under the influence of intoxicating substances. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in disciplinary action by the Club.
4. All Coaches and Managers must agree to a Police Record check as per the Club Policy.  The Club agrees to pay the fee incurred upon presentation of a copy of a clear police record check and receipt from the police services where applicable.
5. All Team Officials shall comply with Volunteer Screening as set out by Ontario Soccer and/or the Club.
6. The Board reserves the right to remove any Coach or Manager who does not meet guidelines of the Club’s By-Laws and these Rules & Regulations.
7. Coaches and Managers shall not play nor conceal from officials of the Club any ineligible player.
8. Coaches and Managers shall not leave any youth player unattended at a field or indoor facility following a practice or game.
9. Coaches who are calling up players from the same age group or a younger age team must first contact that team’s Coach advising them of their intentions before contacting the player.  
10. Coaches or Managers who fail to demonstrate and promote good conduct on or off the field risk suspension from the Club.

11. For transparency, Head Coach and Manager should not be related or in a relationship.



1. All players participating in games/training shall be registered and in good standing with the Club.
2. Players shall be selected by the Team Head Coach by participating in a series of tryouts to be held in the fall after the completion of the outdoor season. These tryouts will be arranged by the Club and must be held on the dates/times designated to each team.
3. The aim for the Club is to field a team in each consecutive year.  To field a single age team, all players must be born in the same birth year.  Where this is not possible, the club will operate a two-year age band.  At the discretion of the Technical Director or appointed committee, it will be determined which age groups are blended.  Decisions must align with the most beneficial competition structure.  
4. In the Development age groups, where there are enough players for two or more teams, it will be at the discretion of the Technical Director or appointed committee to determine if the teams will be balanced or tiered.  In the Competitive age groups, teams will be based on ability.
5. In an age division where there are two teams, any player selected by the coach of the “A” team to their roster must play for that team for the season. Players that are selected to play for the “A” team, but choose not to play for that team will be relegated to its member club’s recreational league and may not be used as a call-up player for either the “A” or “B” team during that season.
6. By March 15th of the upcoming season the Team Head Coach must submit a final roster to the Technical Director or appointed person and the Club Office of no more than the maximum roster size as outlined by Ontario Soccer Matrix.  If there is a need to have more players than the maximum roster size, send the request in writing to the Technical Director or appointed designate and the Club Office for approval.  
7. All players must play at their appropriate age level where a team for their age exists. The Technical Director or appointed committee may grant an exception to this rule with a written request from the parent(s) or guardian(s) prior to the upcoming tryout.
8. Equal playing time is not guaranteed. The Coach’s decision is final as to the amount of time a player will receive in a game.
9. Recreational players may be used by teams on a “call-up” basis in accordance with the rules of their competitive/development league. The Manager shall first inform the Club Office before contacting the player. Recreational players must fulfill their obligations to the Recreational team if there is a scheduling conflict. All players promoted from Recreational must have an authorized OS Registrant Card where applicable, before they can participate.
10. Players who are released or who leave of their own volition from a team during the season will not be allowed to play in the club program for the duration of that season and are not eligible to recover their Development/Competitive fees.
11. Players participating in Club practices or tryouts must be registered and in good standing with the Club. Players who previously did not play with an Ontario Soccer club or SSU, must contact the Club Office before being allowed to participate in a practice or tryout.  
12. Players will attend all practices and games. If the player is not able, they must contact the coach with a reasonable explanation. If a player is unable to commit to 80% of all practices and games, it will be recommended that you join another program within the Club.  


1. The conduct of players shall be exemplary and in accordance with the Objectives of the Club as specified in the By-Laws.
2. The Team Manager shall have each player review and sign a Code of Conduct Form before the beginning of each season. The Club Office will keep the signed copy on file.


1. Teams playing in competitive/development leagues are bound by the By-Laws/Constitution, Rules and Regulations of said League as interpreted by the External League Executive and its Officials.
2. Competitive/Development External Leagues are responsible for the administration of discipline over Club teams while playing under their authority. Any and all disciplinary action taken by such leagues against Club members shall be reported to the Club.
3. Teams that are issued disciplinary fines by external leagues are responsible to pay said fines through their team accounts. The Club is not responsible to pay for team disciplinary fines.

4.  Each team will be placed in a league appropriate to their age and ability.  The assessment of team placement will be done by the Technical Director or appointed committee.


1. All teams must maintain an account of their financial record that will be administered by the Club Treasurer & Club Administrator.
2.  The team account must adhere to the Club Team Account Policy.

3.  The Club Office will provide a statement of the account to the Manager when any transactions go in our out of the account or upon request. 
4. The Manager must ensure that the account is always in a positive balance.
5. Managers should keep a detailed record of all transactions regarding the account and submit receipts to the Club.
6. Payments to third parties (e.g. for equipment, tournaments, etc.) must be made by the Club Office and not paid directly by the team.

7.  All monies being deposited into the Club Team Account will have a 5% fee taken and transferred to the club.  This has a max of $250 per year.  


1. Each team may obtain sponsorship which will deposited by the Club to the credit of the team to be used for team expenses and expenditures.
2. Recognition of sponsors will be consistent across the teams and as approved by the Club.
3. Team Sponsor Logos must be approved by the Club before being printed in any form on Club apparel.  Where applicable, the Club appointed printing company must be used.  Printing costs will come out of the Team’s Account.


1. Each team is allowed to fundraise for tournaments/festivals and other expenditures. The team will inform and ask for permission of the Club before any fundraising takes place.
2. The team will provide financial details of all fundraising to the Club and submit any monies raised to the Club for deposit to the credit of that team.

Updated August 2023