Thank you for your patience with the soccer photos this year.  We just spoke to the company directly once again on the phone.  They have assured us the photos will be up online this week.  You can gain access from the QR code that you got from them at photo day.  If you lost this paper with the QR code, please contact their customer service directly: or 1-800-461-6575.

Included in your registration is an individual/team combo printed photo, these will be handed out at year end on Aug 26 & 27 to all Recreational players.  If you are not able to make the year end weekend, please ask someone on your team to collect it for you, or we will be planning a second pick up date after year end and send out a notice for that after that weekend.  This includes a pick up date for the trophies as well, that will be handed out on Aug 26/27.  

You only need to go online if you’d like to order additional photos, which will be delivered to your house directly.

The Future Star Photo Company has apologized a few times now for being so behind.  They had new software they are working with that has caused a ton of issues which has put them behind with orders.  Thank you for your patience & understanding,