We Believe...

As a club we believe in mental and physical health through sport! We believe that the government’s continued lock downs are having a negative impact on the health and well-being of our youth!

Kids need to play!

As a club we want to make a statement! We want to stand up for the youth we support and tell everyone that we are tired of sitting at home!


We are asking everyone to share pictures of their kids enjoying sport and being physically active.

We want to see the happiness it brings and share it with everyone we can.

Please tag your photos with

If you are able please support our club with the purchase of our “I wanna play soccer” t-shirts. Share photos of your family wearing them and don’t forget to tag!!

To visit our online store click on the link below.

All the much needed proceeds will go to support our club and its programs. As always we are accepting donations and always looking for sponsorships.

Thank you in advance for your support! If your business is interested in partnering with South Simcoe United FC please contact our President, Kim Power at kim.power@southsimcoeunited.ca