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Stage 3 Update

An update on spectators.

Thank you for your patience and understanding this week as we get almost 700 players on the fields this past week. It was so great to see everyone again and see the soccer fields full!

We have put together our Stage 3 changes and requirements following Government, Ontario Soccer, and the Town of New Tecumseth regulations which we received late Friday. We appreciate all of our members, including players, coaches, referees and spectators full cooperation as we move into Stage 3 regulations starting Monday July 19th (TODAY) on all fields moving forward.

Important things to note:

1) A player can be accompanied by no more then 2 other IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS (including young siblings) of the SAME HOUSEHOLD to join on the field sidelines. No grandparents from another house, no aunts and uncles or friends. We’d love to let everyone into the field areas, but there just isn’t enough space to distance from one another.

2) If the player is being driven by someone from another householdonly 1 PERSON from ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD may accompany that player.

3) Children that are spectators MUST STAY with their parents and cannot be running around.

4) We have set up a QR code at all field locations. You will see many posters on the wooden posts with SSU’s logo on it.  Scan the code using your photo app to fill out the QR code before entering the field area. Before entering past the wooden stakes from the parking lot onto the field area, you will be required to show a SSU designated check in person your completed QR code on your mobile device. Please make sure all family members first & last names attending (including the player), is listed in your QR submission under the “NAME” field. Only those within ONE HOUSEHOLD per QR code submission. We require this QR code to be filled out no more then 30 minutes from the player’s designated start time and this will be checked by the SSU check in person at the field.

5) Please see the updated Field Map Layouts (GS Gaston here/ Mel Michel here) to see the designated areas spectators will be able to watch from. Please stay within these designated areas.

6) All spectators are required to wear masks when stepping past the wooden stakes from the parking lot if 3 years old and older.

7) Spectators must maintain a physical distance of 2 meters.

8) Team Coaches, Parent Coaches (1 per player in the Parent/Tot group), Staff Coaches, Referees and Players do not need to wear masks while on the fields or sidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we move through another stage and set of regulations while we work through the kinks along the way with our volunteers, coaches, and members.